Monday, June 19, 2006

Still standing in that same place, with my camera zoomed in all the way, here is my home. That cute grey barn belongs to the neighbor... sure wish it was mine :o)


kiwi said...

VERY cute barn! Pity you can't share it.
Is that your big bank at the back of your house? It looks like a driveway there....?
Nice weeping willow.

Alice said...

That barn is a 2 story which would be perfect for me. Storage on the bottom and chickens on the top so they can have easy access to their new run. All I'd have to do is move it over about 20-30 feet (I'm a lousy judge of distance)... lol.

My property line comes up to just below that driveway you noticed. For several of the pictures in my blog I've stood on the edge of the driveway looking down.

Both the weeping willows you see in the picture belong to neighbors. This suits me fine. I love the look of them but not the mess they make. I had several of them in my last yard :o)