Saturday, June 10, 2006

The bottom part shows the dog run, the top shows the new chicken run. Admittedly it isn't great looking, using "scrounged" fence posts and used wire doesn't make for the best end result, but it sure is better than nothing and the main thing is that it keeps my chickens safely inside while giving them a nice area in which to roam, eating green grass and bugs, etc.

The top of the chook run is the top of my property, as is the right hand fence the end of my property to the north-east.


kiwi said...

Those chooks will LOVE that new run. Can you peg the wire down at the base? Some strong wire bent into U-shapes should do the trick....maybe? Just add a bit more narrow wire to the too-wide gaps. (Does that make sense? Kiwi logic!! LOL)

Alice said...

Yes it does make sence (I'm following your Kiwi logic, lol). The ground up there is actually pretty loose and I am going to have to brace some of the posts to keep them in the ground (one for sure, it's really bad and I already did put a temporary brace there). I have put some logs and posts laying down and stapled the wire to them in some of the spots where the wire was slightly off the ground, so that should help. Adding wire to the bottom in those two bad spots would help and may be what I do but have to figure out how I'd attach it to the bank end.

I'll take some pics of this and post them. A picture is worth a thousand words (or so "they" say). :o)

Wildside Musing said...

Good job with all your work to date!
I'm currently trying to come up with some wondrous "designer" plan (HA!) to house our new hens (yet to be) too and give them some more protected run in a larger space. So it's nice to see yours! Thanks.

And my, that's some nice open space behind you!

Alice said...

Thanks Wildside. I hope seeing mine helps in some way for you to come up with a "designer chicken run" for your birds-to-be. I know you will figure up something awesome!

Wildside Musing said...

Yes, since elbow-room here is at a premium, it will have to be a very creative use of space! I like re-using things like you do... I call it re-purposing! Or seeing old things in a new light!