Saturday, June 10, 2006

June 7th

Another load to the dump! This one was all branches with a bit of wood scraps and some wild rose branches (major thorns). At the dump I "scavenged" 2 wooden boxes, and I met a man that was about to throw out some fence posts. I asked if I could have them and he said yes, so I suggested he meet me outside the fence to move them from his truck to my trailer. This way he didn't have to pay for dumping them (I think there's 6 there) and I wouldn't go thru the scale weighing more than I did when I went in, haha. It was bad enough I "messed with the scale" by taking those boxes, but I couldn't just see them crushed. There was another one there too, but I couldn't get to it without moving a bunch of stuff, so it stayed there.

Later in the day, after taking care of several other things, I picked up a freeby (through Freecycle) barbeque. It was a propane barbeque but no longer is safe to use that way, so the guy was using charcoal briquettes and so will I. Not the top of the line barbeque I want, but hey... it's better than the nothing I had.

I also picked up Ron and brought him home for a few hours so we could get some work done before I had to head off to a Board Meeting. We got the rest of the wire mesh up on the chicken run!! There is still work to be done there... must put some wood at the bottom of the fence to stop the chooks from digging out, some of the wire is right on the ground, but some is up anywhere from 1" to over a foot, depending on the "lay of the land". There are a couple spots where I'm not sure what I've going to do to fill in the gaps, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. I also need to put in another post in so I can have a gate/doorway into that area, just in case.

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