Monday, June 19, 2006

June 2 (I think it was) on my way home from the store I decided to take some pictures. I was actually trying to get some pics of a pair of Ospray that are nesting on top of a pole, but he flew away and she ducked back into the nest before I could get into a good position to take the pics. So I took some other ones instead. This one is looking at my home from far away... it's somewhere on that hillside in the distance.


kiwi said...

It looks more rural than I had thought. That could be anywhere in NZ!

Alice said...

Cool... so I would feel "right at home" in NZ! haha.

For my Kiwi-Canuck Dictionary: We call chickens "chickens" (hens and roosters) and the babies are called "chicks".
You call them "chooks". So my questions are ... what do you call the adult female and male? What do you call the babies? (chooklettes? lol)

kiwi said...

I forgot to mention one big difference from NZ! That paddock would be filled with sheep! LOL

"Chooks" is a general/collective term we use to mean poultry i.e. hens and roosters. (This term is also used in Australia.)

"chook, chook, chook" is commonly used to call them for all together for feeding.

If we are being more specific we will refer to then as either "hens" or "roosters".

When less than a year old the young hens are more correctly referred to as "pullets" and the young roosters are "cockerels".

We call the babies "chickens" or "chicks".
(Chooklettes! LOLOL)

Clear as mud??

Alice said...

New entry in my Kiwi-Canuck Dictionary: Paddock in NZ = Field in CA. There are some cattle that often are in that field. Not sure if they were there that day or not, but definately didn't make it into that picture, hahaha.

So... Chooks is a nick name for all poultry? or all chickens? Poultry: domestic fowls, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, or geese raised for meat or eggs.

All the names you mentioned (hens, roosters, pullets, cockerels, chicks) are what we use here too. So yes, it's totally clear :o).

As of yesterday one of my hens has 3 "chooklettes" in her nest, may have a 4th by now as she's been adding one a day. They are sooooo cute. :o)

Several of my chickens have names. There's been Henny, Penny, Paulette Pullet, Eggburt, Eggstrordinary, Rooster Cogburn, Boss Hogg... one is Chicklette and then there's Dot named for her coloring, and Young'n cuz he's the son of Boss Hogg, grandson of Rooster Cogburn and is the young one, lol. Don't be surprised if one of this years chicks gets named Chooklette.

kiwi said...

Yes, we more commonly speak of paddocks rather than fields.

When I said poultry I meant just chickens (chooks!). That doesn't include ducks, geese or turkeys etc.

(Now I'm confusing myself!!)