Monday, June 19, 2006

Someone at church said these are called Sweet Smelling Stock. I looked that up on Google and found nothing at all about them so am not sure of the name, but will call them that unless I hear different.
Lily of the Valley. These have been growing in my overgrown, unwatered, neglected flower bed for years now. It's amazing they survived. They must be happy now that they are getting better care.
Sunflowers growing amongst other flowers given to me by Sam.
This is the purple Columbine that Lynda gave to me.
Here are some of my flowers (taken June 2). Of course, this first one is an Iris.


kiwi said...

These flower photos are so beautiful. The lighting in the first iris one is exquisite!
I've never seen a variegated iris, like that other one.
This all looks like a different place from the pics you posted in your first blogging days! Congratulations! A transformation is happening.:>)

Alice said...

Thank you for the comments, Kiwi. I am thinking about entering some photography in the fall fairs in this area in September and may enter some of my flower picks, so let me know which ones you think have a chance to win... lol.
These close up pics are showing only what I want you to see, lol. Little spots of beauty in the ugliness. The truth is that the yard has gotten out of control and is very over grown. In many places the grass and weeds are up to my shoulders. I've been feeling overwhelmed and like I'm fighting a loosing battle.

kiwi said...

"Little spots of beauty in the ugliness"...that about sums up the world we live in!

It's easy to feel discouraged. Try to think...little steps.

Alice said...

Thank you, Kiwi... I will work at that. "Baby Steps, Baby Steps..." It is so easy to get discouraged with so much to do and it feels like Nature is working against me. There's enough work here for 10 people and I am only 1. However, your words of encouragement do help!!

Anonymous said...

I like any flower as long as it is purple.
Nice photos.