Friday, September 08, 2006

Hello again

Hi. I see it's been almost 3 months since I last posted to this blog. I must admit that my first attempt at gardening was a dismal failure. Almost everything I planted died, and did eventually my interest in doing anything in my yard. Oh well, the interest may return with the cooler weather of fall. I don't do well in the high temperatures of summer.

I have just updated my blog so you can go there and see what's happening with the fibre arts and other creations in my life. You can also go check out my new blog if you'd like to see some of my photographs.

This weekend I am up to my ears in Salmon Arm Fair as you will read about at born2cree8. After that I will try to get some new things posted here. I also have some more pictures to post to picturethis06. It originally was born to help me decide which pictures to enter in the fair, and now I am thinking it may live on as I post other pictures to it. But for now, it's off to bed as I have an early morning and a long day tomorrow. Just wanted to "touch base" incase any of my friends still take the time to check back and see if anything else has been done here. I hope so. Hugs to all!!


Wildside Musing said...

And "hello again" to you!

Thanks for all the messages left on my blog -- I'm just catching up now.

I liked your idea of pygmy goats to manage your property instead of back-breaking efforts! Perhaps you do need that instead of agonizing over a "garden". You could try focussing on a few permanent things that will produce for you year after year, like fruit and berries, than on an enormous veggie garden. Both still would require irrigation, especially to get the trees and bushes started, but one is less and less time intensive as time goes on. And as time goes on, it becomes all the more precious, doesn't it?!

I still wish I could squeeze a couple wee goats in here to do the same -- but in my small space, it just wouldn't be right!

Alice said...

I am so much more an animal farmer than a crop farmer, lol. If I could get this place fenced and have the goats I could still have a small area where I could grow a few veggies and some berries and such as you said, and the goats could take care of the rest of the yard that is beyond my ability. I would have to irrigate the entire place in order to keep the grass growing to feed the goats as well as for the veg & fruit, so that would be an expense but at least it would mean less work while keeping the place looking good. And think of the fun I'd have with those cute wee goats. They would be ever so entertaining, lol.

kiwi said...

Good to see you back again Alice!
We're into shifting mode here so not too much time for blog-checking right now. Take good care!

Alice said...

Thanks for coming to visit, Kiwi. I've been thinking about you two and wondering how your move to the new home is going. I know you must be very busy with that and work just now. I look forward to more contact with you in future.